Conduit optimization

With an increasing demand being placed on our infrastructure, maximizing conduit space and efficiently installing cables is of the utmost importance.  We offer a variety of products to increase efficiency and reduce installation costs for the communications, power and data center markets.

MaxCell® Fabric Innerduct
The only patented fabric innerduct made in the United States, MaxCell's unique textile construction allows it to conform to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct and thus increasing conduit capacity.

Vis™ Divide Rigid Conduit
Vis Divide is THE new solution in conduit optimization.  This segmented HDPE rigid conduit allows for the placement of more than on cable in a single conduit without the worry of damage to the cables - offering a distinct competitive advantage over other HDPE conduits. In applications such as direct bury and boring, this innovative new product provides improved efficiency and ease of deployment, which lowers operational costs and improves your bottom line.

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