External pipe rehab

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions provides high-performance composite repair systems that restore pipe integrity lost to external corrosion, physical impact, and other mechanical damage. These industry-leading composite pipeline repair solutions products are third-party tested and backed by solid composite design engineering and years of performance in on-site installations. Our systems are designed to restore and reinforce piping using composite technology in accordance with ASME, ISO and ASTM standards.

Consisting of high-strength proprietary glass fiber reinforcement, the moisture-cured the A+ WrapTM advanced composite repair system is commonly used for pipelines and piping systems experiencing corrosion or mechanical damage. Following the ASME PCC-2 and ISO 28417 standards, A+ Wrap material reinforces a pipe by containing hoop and axial loads, thereby reducing strain in the defect region. The A+ Wrap™ system requires no special tools for application and sets within an hour after installation.

The FormaShield™ system is a high-strength, advanced composite repair solution for corroded piping structures. Featuring tri-axial glass fiber reinforcement, the epoxy resin for this system is mixed and applied on site, allowing the system to be customized for operations at high temperature and in aggressive chemical environments. The FormaShield material reinforces pipes by containing hoop and axial loads, thereby reducing the strain in the defect region. The system is ILI detectable and meets ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards.

The Atlas™ system is an advanced composite repair solution for pipes with corrosion defects and mechanical damage. The Atlas material utilizes a high-strength and high modulus bi-directional carbon fiber reinforcement for extreme reduction in strain. Significantly higher mechanical properties translate into a reduced repair thickness when compared to other fiberglass systems.  The Atlas system is also available as a pre-impregnated form with no mixing required.  The system reinforces the pipe structure by containing hoop and axial loads, significantly reducing the strain in the defect region, and easily conforms to elbows, tees, flanges and bends.

The SplashGard™ system is a dual-component specialized coating/structural reinforcement solution specifically designed for use in wet or submerged conditions. The SplashGard system consists of two components: SplashBond™ Adhesive and Splash Wrap, a fiberglass cloth impregnated with moisture cured urethane (MCU) resin. The innovative corrosion barrier system can be applied underwater and adheres easily to wet steel surfaces. It not only arrests corrosion and wave action, but also provides structural reinforcement, making it an ideal option for use on risers.