Structural strengthening

In harsh environments with high seismic activity or a corrosive atmosphere, bridges and tunnels often require structural rehabilitation, upgrade or preventive measures. RenewWrap™ and FireStrong™ composite strengthening systems may be used to strengthen or retrofit existing concrete and masonry structures. These carbon fiber and epoxy systems have been demonstrated to improve the performance of columns in an earthquake and restore the strength of beams with large amounts of corrosion.

The RenewWrap™ FRP Composite System is comprised of carbon fiber or fiberglass-reinforcing fabrics that are impregnated onsite with Milliken’s specially formulated epoxy saturating resins using wet lay-up techniques. These reinforcing fabrics are provided in standard roll widths and lengths. The product has a proven track record of successful installations on a wide range of seismic retrofit and strengthening projects. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others can rely on the ICC-ES Evaluation Report in designing, specifying, and approving RenewWrap™ FRP Composite System on structural strengthening and seismic retrofit projects.

The FireStrong strengthening system is the only carbon fiber-reinforced strengthening system on the market that maintains its strength in high-heat environments (in excess of 400°F). With high-temperature carbon fiber bars located in shallow grooves encapsulated with a cementitious grout, the FireStrong system is certified for a two-and-a-half hour fire rating for slabs and a two-hour fire rating for beams by the third-party testing agency, Intertek, which issues the Warnock-Hersey mark.