Bridges & Roadways

Navigating the road to infrastructure rehab can be complex. As an engineer or contractor, you know that crumbling infrastructure is a problem facing virtually every city and municipality around the world. Associated costs stand in the trillions of dollars. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions are designed to restore the strength of deteriorated and compromised structures, including bridges, tunnels, roadways, drainage ditches and culverts, while providing a cost-effective option to replacement. Many of these solutions are designed to rehabilitate structures that are difficult to access or with limited heavy machinery, which consequently lessens traffic disruption in busy areas. Less material and simple installation means accelerated project completion and reduced costs, easing the strain on limited infrastructure budgets. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions delivers smart, practical, innovative solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the market.

Proven science and meaningful design allow us to deliver:

Lower total project costs
Improved contractor productivity
Reduced civil impact
Extended infrastructure life cycle