FireStrong fire-rated FRP strengthening products consist of high-temperature reinforcement and durable, rigid thermal protection boards. The reinforcement has an operating temperature of 400°F. The FireStrong System is ideal for use in high heat environments or in structures where the FRP is required to resist forces for the duration of the fire. The thermal protection boards may be used with RenewWrap FRP systems where the objective is to simply protect the existing substrate.

Specifications techniques

The FireStrong Thermal Protection Rigid Board is an integral part of the fire‐rated FireStrong strengthening system. The rigid boards are placed on top of the FireStrong Blanket to provide a fire‐rated structural assembly. The boards are simple to install and eliminate the need for messy, spray‐applied fire protection.


Benefits and Characteristics:


Easy-to-install thermal protection system consisting of compressible blanket and drywall‐like boards

Fire resistant

Water resistant

Termite resistant

No messy spray-applied fire protection required

Installed using standard, stainless steel concrete screws

Fire‐rated listings for FireStrong are available on the Intertek Testing Services website

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