Pipe Wrap® Residential

Pipe Wrap® Residential is a proven solution that can save both time and money for residential pipe repair. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, one of the oil and gas industry's leading pipe repair specialists, offers a pipe repair solution for residential applications. Everything necessary to stop a residential leak is provided in a complete, simple-to-use kit, including an epoxy putty and a water-activated wrap. The advanced technology of commercial pipe repair can be applied in a residential setting in as little as half an hour.  

Specifications techniques



Application Time : 3-5 minutes 

Bonds to all pipes (including) : Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast-iron, Fiberglass, Copper, Carbon Steel 

Available Sizes : 

PW24 (smallest)     2 inches x 4 feet      recommended for repairs on less than 1/2" diameter pipe

PW26 (small)         2 inches x 6 feet       recommended for repairs on 1/2" to 1" diameter pipe

PW212 (medium)   2 inches x 12 feet     recommended for repairs on 1-1.4" to 2" diameter pipe

PW412 (large)        4 inches x 12 feet     recommended for repairs on 3" to 4" diameter pipe

PW520 (larger)       5 inches x 20 feet     recommended for repairs on 5" or larger 

PW625 (largest)      6 inches x 25 feet    recommended for 6" or larger diameter pipe


Cure Time : 30 minutes at temperatures between 50º – 80º F. Pipe Wrap may be cooled for at least 15 minutes before foil package is opened to add working and cure time. Heat may be applied to decrease cure time. 


Shelf Life : Two years if stored betwen 40º– 83ºF and aluminum packet is not punctured. Storage at higher than recommended temperatures can reduce shelf life. Do not use if product is hardened. Rotate stock for best results. 


1. Turn off water and roughen pipe surface with a file. Plug leak with epoxy putty. 


2. Place wrap in cool water for 30 seconds then tightly wrap the leak. 


3. Grip and smooth the tape in the direction wrapped, massaging until it hardens. *Wait 30 minutes and turn the water back on.