RenewWrap™ FRP

The RenewWrap™ FRP strengthening system is comprised of a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins including our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system. We also offer pre-cured FRP products for NSM applications and FRP anchors.


The RenewWrap™ system is engineered to strengthen the ceilings, columns, walls, and most other structural members of commercial buildings and facilities, extending useful life. It is designed to restore strength to deteriorated and compromised structures, as well as improve overall structural performance. It is ideal for the demanding and extreme repairs often required in industrial facilities. The system is easier and faster to install than traditional concrete repair techniques, limiting disruption and downtime.

Specifications techniques

RenewWrap™ ESR CF335 and RenewWrap™ ESR CF600 are dry, unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics made with high-strength, standard modulus carbon fibers. RenewWrap™ fabrics, along with RenewWrap™ Saturant, are used to strengthen or retrofit existing concrete and masonry structures.


Benefits and Characteristics:


Lightweight, flexible, high-strength fabric can be wrapped around and externally bonded to structural elements

Easy to impregnate using wet or dry lay‐up methods

EZ‐Measure™ system for quick measurement of fabric lengths and alignment of fabrics in field and in witness panel fabrication

EZ‐Slit™ system enables accurate, rapid, and clean slitting of fabrics to desired widths


Minimal aesthetic impact


We know saving time and reducing costs is critical to asset owners and contractors, and that proper installation is an integral element of product performance. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions works to improve the efficiency and quality of installations, extend the life of infrastructure, and lower the cost of ownership. For additional installation information, please select the PDF below.