The RidgeBack™ system, which is rated to 250°F, prevents pipe wall collapse with a mechanical solution that provides concentrated clamping force to stop active leaks up to 150 psi. Size-specific metallic compression bands and a unique ridged design fiber-reinforced plastic shell localize compressive forces for greater sealing capability. 

Specifications techniques

Mechanical Properties

Attribute– Tensile Strength 

Method– ASTM D3039

Value– 54,000 psi 


Attribute– Compression Strength

Method– ASTM D695

Value– 28,500 psi


Attribute– Barcol Hardness

Method– ASTM D2583

Value– 53


Thermal Properties

Attribute– Max. Operating Temperature 

Value– 250 ºF (121 º C) 


Attribute– Max. Application Temperature

Value– 250 °F (121 °C)


System Properties


Attribute– FRP Pad Thickness 

Value– 0.25 inches (6.35 mm)


1. Position and secure RidgeBack™ Clamping Pad

Center the RidgeBack™ pad over the defect. Position a stainless steel band clamp over the pad center and tighten with the tensioning tool. 


2. Position and Secure Reamining Bands 

Position and tighten additional band clamps as instructed across the RidgeBack™ pad until the leak stops.


3. Installed Unit 

The system will serve as a stand-alone temporary repair. The service life of the system can be extended by reinforcing the repair with a composite sleeve.